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Bake With Ukraine was inspired by Cook For Ukraine, the brainchild of two London-based chefs, the Ukrainian-born Olia Hercules, and Russian-born Alissa Timoshkina. Their aim was to celebrate Ukrainian and Eastern European food while raising awareness of the humanitarian crisis facing Ukraine as well as emergency funds.

We decided to launch Bake With Ukraine to allow artisan baking amateurs, professionals, and their friends and followers to support the people of Ukraine in their hour of need. Right now, Ukrainians are enduring unimaginable horrors of war, whether inside Ukraine or fleeing in their millions as refugees. The International Committee of the Red Cross has described the situation in Mariupol as ‘apocalyptic’ – ordinary people like us are being bombed and starved of food, water, heat and medical supplies. They urgently need our help.


The immediate need is for cash donations to fund emergency aid on the ground in Ukraine. In the first instance, please consider simply giving money now — from your own bank account, or from your business bank account.

Then, if you can start your own fundraising efforts, please do. One way to do this is to bake Ukrainian and eastern European breads and pastries and to donate the proceeds through our JustGiving page. Many in the artisan baking world have already begun fundraising and we will look at supporting your efforts by linking to your donation pages and websites. Please email info@bakewithukraine.com if you have launched an appeal we can link to.

As a community, let’s all start sharing Ukrainian and eastern European recipes. You can do that by posting on social media and tagging @bakewithukraine or, even better, emailing images and recipes to recipes@bakewithukraine.com so we can get them up on this website


Bake With Ukraine aims to be more than a one-way street — it is about collaboration between bakers in Ukraine, UK, Europe, USA, Asia and around the world. Once we have a large enough collection of recipes, they will be published as a book, with photos from our contributors! All proceeds will go to support the people of Ukraine. If you know a publisher who might help us, please email info@bakewithukraine.com.


The #CookForUkraine appeal is supporting UNICEF so we have decided to support the British Red Cross. While based in the UK, the British Red Cross channels funds to the International Committee of the Red Cross, who work directly on the ground in Ukraine. UK residents can choose Gift Aid to add an additional 25% to their donation at no further cost. As we progress, we will look to add other agencies.


Please post, post, post! Feel free to use these logo images and any images on our Instagram account @bakewithukraine:

Ukraine Tall Ukraine Square Ukraine Broad


We are a group of volunteers, and we would love you to swell our ranks! So far our team is:

  • John Castley, Co-ordinator
  • Tetiana Siniuhina from Pouhque Bakery in Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • Linda Gannell, Carinya Creative
  • John & Sacha McKenzie, Mason McKenzie

You can join our virtual team by:

  • contributing recipes and photos
  • testing and editing recipes
  • writing copy for the website and, when the time comes, the book
  • helping to enlist a book publisher
  • helping to publicise the appeal

If you can help with any of these, please get in touch at info@wildhearthbakery.com.


Information and advice: info@bakewithukraine.com
To submit recipes: recipes@bakewithukraine.com
If you need to talk to a person: John Castley +44(0)7909 295 596
Instragram: @bakewithukraine


Thank you from the depths of our hearts for your efforts.
Stand with Ukraine! Bake with Ukraine!
The Bake With Ukraine Team